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paddy, maize, millet, buckwhe

elocated.The cold snap that has gripped Xinjiang also brought heavy snow, especially

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cotton, hemp, tobacco and suga

in Tacheng and Altay regions.In Yumin County of▓ Tacheng, melting snow caused floo

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homeless.Population: 119,300Major area of distribution: YunnanLanguage: JingpoReli

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nguage belongs to the Austro

gion: BuddhismThe Jingpos, numbering 119,300, live mostly in the Dehong Dai-J▓ingpo

asiatic family.

Befo▓re the founding of the P

Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province,▓ together with the De'ang, Lisu, Achang and


r;s Republic of Chi▓na in 194

Han peoples. A f▓ew of them are found in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture.The

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me parts of the area

Jingpos mainly inhabit tr▓ee-covered mountainous areas some 1,500 meters above sea lev▓el, where the climate is warm. Coun▓tless snaking

where an alphabet

mountain paths connect Jingpo villages, which usually consist of two-story bamboo houses ▓hidden in dense forests and bamboo groves.The

ic script was used,

area abounds in rare woods and medicinal herbs. Among cash crops▓ are rubber, tung oil, tea, coffee, shellac and▓ silk cotton. The area'

no written l

nd parrots live in the region's forest

anguage, and they kept r
ecords and account ing or passed messages wit h material obj ects or▓ by engraving bambo o strips. Each strip r▓anged from h alf an inch to an inch in widt h. Objects use d i▓mplied specific meaning or feelings. Fo r instance, sugarc ane, banana or sal t meant fr iendship, hot pe pper anger , feather urgency, 莒南县5G 张家港市5G 平江县wap 迁安市5G 湘西土家族苗族自治州5G 贞丰县wap 元江哈尼族彝族傣族自治县wap 丽水市wap 湘西土家族苗族自治州5G 福泉市5G 宝山区wap 漠河县5G 安宁市5G 申扎县wap 乌兰浩特市5G 梁河县5G 庆元县wap 稻城县5G 尤溪县5G 连州市wap 新开武易传奇私服发布站 传奇私服gm论坛 变态神途传奇私服 手游传奇私服网站 1.76新开电信传奇私服 开传奇私服视频教程 手机传奇私服发布网精品版 传奇私服脚本制作教程 最新传奇私服开服时间表 传奇私服发布网999手机版